Maai Mahiu Stadium Project: A Beacon for Sports Development in Naivasha Sub-County

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The Department of Sports has officially handed over the Maai Mahiu Stadium Project in Maai Mahiu Ward, Naivasha Sub-County, to the contractor. This initiative is part of the county’s commitment to upgrading and renovating stadiums in all wards, fostering a conducive environment for sports enthusiasts.

The project encompasses activities such as excavation, leveling, compacting, and the installation of goalposts. Sports Chief Officer Stella Mwaura, accompanied by Trade Chief Officer Samuel Ndegwa and Maaimahiu Ward MCA Eliud Kamau, emphasized the importance of timely completion. The goal is to provide the youth in the ward and the broader sub-county with a state-of-the-art facility for various sporting activities.

Chief Officer Mwaura underlined Governor Susan Kihika’s dedication to nurturing and developing sports talents among the youth. Stadiums play a pivotal role in hosting inter-estates, villages, and Wards football tournaments, which have been instrumental in identifying and grooming top-flight Kenyan players.

Expressing enthusiasm for the project, the youth in attendance praised Governor Kihika’s administration for recognizing the significance of sports infrastructure. The development of the only stadium in the ward holds immense importance as it provides a dedicated space for the youth to play. Previously, they were reliant on private plots and school playgrounds, making the stadium a welcomed addition to the community.

The leaders reiterated the administration’s commitment to creating opportunities for youth engagement in sports. The Maai Mahiu Stadium Project aligns with broader efforts to enhance community well-being and provide a platform for talent development.

Naivasha Sub-county Administrator, King’ori Mwangi, was also present at the ceremony, emphasizing the collaborative approach between different departments to realize the county’s sports development goals. As the contractor takes charge of the Maai Mahiu Stadium Project, expectations are high for a transformative sports facility that will not only serve as a venue for competitions but also as a hub for community engagement and youth development in Naivasha Sub-County.

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