Modern sanitation facilities set to transform Nakuru East


Residents of Nakuru-East, Nakuru City, will soon enjoy modern sanitation facilities, marking a significant milestone in the region’s infrastructure development. The construction site for the new ablution blocks at State House Garden has been officially handed over to the contractor, in a ceremony overseen by City Manager Mr. Gitau Thabanja. This Ksh 1.2 million project is set to address the growing sanitation needs of the city’s increasing population and elevate public health standards.

Mr. Thabanja highlighted the city’s commitment to improving the lives of its residents by providing essential amenities. “This project is crucial in ensuring that our residents have access to clean and adequate sanitation facilities,” he stated. He also emphasized the importance of the contractor commencing work promptly and completing it efficiently to allow residents to benefit from the new facilities as soon as possible. The ceremony saw participation from key city officials, including the City’s Head of Sections and a representative from the Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company (NAWASSCO), underscoring the collaborative effort in enhancing the city’s infrastructure.

The new sanitation facilities are expected to bring numerous benefits to the people living in Nakuru County. By providing access to modern and clean ablution blocks, the project will help reduce the spread of diseases related to poor sanitation, contributing to a healthier community. With proper sanitation facilities, residents will enjoy a higher standard of living, which is essential for overall well-being and productivity. Modern sanitation systems are designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing pollution and promoting sustainable practices within the community. Additionally, improved infrastructure attracts businesses and tourists, which can boost the local economy and create job opportunities for residents.

This project is a testament to the Governor’s dedication to fulfilling her promises of infrastructure development and enhancing public services. By prioritizing such essential projects, the Governor is demonstrating her commitment to transforming Nakuru County into a modern, well-serviced urban center. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to ensure that all residents have access to the necessary facilities that contribute to their health, safety, and overall quality of life. The handover of the construction site for the ablution blocks signifies a proactive step towards addressing Nakuru City’s infrastructure needs. As the project progresses, residents can look forward to a significant improvement in their daily lives, reflecting the local government’s ongoing efforts to build a better future for Nakuru County

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