Mwiciringiri Dispensary Ushers in a New Era of Healthcare Accessibility

The ululations of the residents of Hells Gate ward, Mwiciringiri location, reverberate as they celebrate a significant milestone – the completion of the Mwiciringiri Dispensary. This triumph, made possible under the visionary leadership of Governor Susan Kihika, marks a turning point in the healthcare landscape for over 5000 residents who previously had to endure an 11.2-kilometer trek to Nyamathi Dispensary.

Governor Kihika’s unwavering commitment to inclusive leadership and socio-economic empowerment is vividly manifested in the newly constructed dispensary, a beacon of progress in Nakuru County. The facility, erected at a cost of 2.7 Million, stands as a testament to the Governor’s dedication to bringing essential services closer to the heart of communities.

In a gesture of community engagement, the keys to the Mwiciringiri Dispensary have been officially handed over to both the community and County management by the contractor. This symbolic act not only signifies the completion of a construction project but also signals the commencement of a new era for Mwiciringiri, one where healthcare is more accessible and community-driven.

Virginia Wamaitha, the Area Member of County Assembly, stands behind Governor Kihika’s transformative agenda. Not content with mere words of support, she has taken a proactive step by allocating an additional Ksh 3 million from the ward kitty. This financial injection is earmarked for equipping and operationalizing the dispensary, ensuring that it is fully equipped to cater to the health needs of the community it serves.

As the keys change hands and the dispensary becomes a community asset, the residents of Hells Gate ward can look forward to a future where healthcare is no longer a distant journey but a local resource. Governor Susan Kihika’s leadership, coupled with the collaborative efforts of the community and visionary leaders like Virginia Wamaitha, has set the stage for improved well-being and a healthier, more resilient Mwiciringiri. The completion of the Mwiciringiri Dispensary is not just a construction achievement; it’s a testament to the transformative power of community-focused governance.

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