Naivasha Sub County Hospital Welcomes New Management Committee

The Naivasha Sub County Level Four Hospital has welcomed its newly appointed Hospital Management Committee. The induction, a step in aligning with Governor Susan Kihika’s transformative health sector reforms, marks a collaborative effort to enhance the quality of health service delivery.

Led by County Director for Health Administration and Planning, Dr. Joy Mugambi, and County Health Administrative Officer, Dominic Mburu, the induction provided a comprehensive overview for the committee. The focus is on fostering effective collaboration with facility managers to implement projects aimed at elevating the overall healthcare experience for the community.

During the induction, the team delved into crucial aspects of their roles, including insights into the procurement process, understanding the Public Finance Management Act, and delineating responsibilities of the committee. Dr. Joy Mugambi and Dominic Mburu assured the committee of the county’s unwavering support, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in overseeing the hospital’s operations.

The newly appointed Board Chair, Thomas Gitau, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead the committee and pledged to steer the hospital to new heights of excellence. His commitment aligns with the broader vision of Governor Susan Kihika’s administration to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality.

The Hospital Management Committee comprises key stakeholders, including the Chairperson appointed by the Governor, the Medical Officer in charge of the area, a Facility Medical Superintendent, and a member nominated by women groups, faith-based organizations, and professional bodies within the county. This diverse composition reflects a commitment to inclusivity and community representation in decision-making processes.

As the committee assumes its responsibilities, there is optimism about the positive impact they will have on the hospital’s trajectory. Their dedication to implementing projects and reforms is a testament to the collaborative spirit driving Naivasha Sub County Level Four Hospital towards a future marked by improved healthcare outcomes and community well-being. The induction marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a healthier and more resilient healthcare system in Naivasha.

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