Nakuru City Achieves Milestone with 83 Title Deeds Issued in Menengai Ward

H.E Governor Susan Kihika has demonstrated steadfast dedication to the well-being of Nakuru residents in strides towards city-wide progress. A significant step in this commitment unfolded with the issuance of 83 title deeds to deserving beneficiaries in Teachers, Menengai Ward, marking a pivotal moment for property rights in the region.

City Manager Mr. Gitau Thabanja bore witness to the successful title deed issuance exercise, emphasizing Governor Kihika’s unwavering commitment to driving development within Nakuru City. Thabanja expressed optimism, stating, “The city is poised for even greater strides under Governor Kihika’s leadership.”

The issuance of these title deeds signifies more than just legal ownership; it represents an empowerment of Menengai residents. Area MCA Wilson Mwangi Wajeff expressed gratitude for Governor Kihika’s facilitation of the seamless processing of ownership documents. Wajeff highlighted the collaborative effort’s impact in empowering residents and fostering a sense of ownership and belonging within the community.

However, with this empowering initiative comes a cautionary note. Beneficiaries were advised to remain vigilant against fraudulent individuals posing as land buying companies. This precautionary measure aims to safeguard residents from potential scams and ensure the secure and rightful ownership of their properties.

The collaborative effort extended beyond the Governor’s office, involving key stakeholders such as members of the Menengai Ward Development Committee, Ward Administrator, and City Officers. Their active participation in this empowering exercise provided valuable insights into the crucial distinction between title deeds and certificates of lease to the beneficiaries.

During the exercise, the team went beyond the technicalities of property documentation, taking beneficiaries through the legal significance of possessing a title deed. They emphasized that a title deed not only serves as irrefutable proof of land ownership but also ensures the security of tenure, granting residents peace of mind regarding the legitimacy and protection of their property rights.

As Nakuru City achieves this milestone in securing property rights, it symbolizes a broader commitment to fostering sustainable development, empowerment, and a strong sense of community ownership. The issuance of title deeds under Governor Kihika’s leadership becomes a beacon of progress, illuminating the path towards a city where residents thrive with confidence in their rightful ownership of land.

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