Nakuru City Celebrates Completion of Key Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure in Nakuru City

In a noteworthy achievement for urban development, Nakuru City has recently finalized a series of crucial infrastructure projects, reflecting the steadfast commitment of H.E Governor Susan Kihika to accelerate their implementation. With a primary focus on roads and drainage systems, these completed projects stand as a testament to the administration’s dedication to enhancing the city’s overall quality of life.

Among the completed road projects are Kipchoge Keino Road, Mashindano, Chui, Matundu, Crater Climb, Kakamega, Lower Tom-Mboya, and others, strategically spread across Nakuru Town East and Nakuru Town West sub-counties. Going beyond road construction, the administration has integrated solar-powered street lights and state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, reinforcing road security and operational efficiency.

Governor Kihika’s vision encompasses well-planned and future-ready urban landscapes. By addressing missing link roads and improving drainage systems, the city management aims not only to facilitate smoother traffic but also to fortify Nakuru City against potential infrastructure damage during extreme weather conditions. This comprehensive approach marks a significant milestone in Nakuru City’s journey towards sustainable and resilient urban development.

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