Nakuru City Management Prioritizes Neighborhood Engagement for Inclusive Governance

Nakuru City Management is actively implementing Governor Susan Kihika’s Neighborhood Engagement Initiative, focusing on gathering input and addressing residents’ concerns. In a recent visit to Barut Ward, city officials conducted a consultative forum to promote open communication and collaboration with the local community.

During the forum, residents and representatives had the opportunity to voice their views and concerns. This approach fostered constructive dialogue, enabling both residents and city officials to exchange ideas and work together to find solutions.

City Manager Gitau Thabanja emphasized Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to building strong community relationships and instilling a sense of ownership and dignity among residents. Thabanja encouraged residents to establish community-level project committees responsible for overseeing local project implementation.

The engagement session served as a valuable platform for residents to express their opinions and provide feedback on various neighborhood issues. City management recognized the importance of incorporating residents’ perspectives into the decision-making process, ensuring that the community’s needs and aspirations are effectively addressed.

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