Nakuru City Manager Shares Urban Transformation Insights at Eldoret Business Summit 2024

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Nakuru City Manager, Mr. Gitau Thabanja, delivered a compelling presentation on the city’s transformation during the ongoing Eldoret Business Summit 2024. Emphasizing strategic planning and community engagement, Mr. Thabanja’s insights provided valuable lessons for Eldoret, which is on its way to attaining city status. His presentation highlighted H.E. Governor Susan Kihika’s six-point urban agenda, which focuses on urban data, urban green spaces, the blue urban economy, affordable housing, urban mobility, and urban economic development.

The Eldoret Business Summit, which kicked off today, has attracted experts and business leaders from across Kenya. This year’s theme, “Unlocking Business Opportunities in Kenya’s Cities,” has drawn a diverse group of participants eager to explore strategies for urban development and economic growth. The summit serves as a vital platform for cities like Eldoret to learn from the experiences of more established urban centers such as Nakuru.

Mr. Thabanja emphasized the importance of strategic planning in urban development. By leveraging urban data, cities can make informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth. He pointed out that Nakuru’s use of data-driven approaches has been instrumental in identifying key areas for development and monitoring progress effectively. This focus on data not only improves transparency but also helps in resource allocation and long-term planning.

He also emphasized on urban green spaces. Mr. Thabanja highlighted how Nakuru has prioritized the creation and maintenance of parks and recreational areas, which contribute to the well-being of residents and enhance the city’s attractiveness. These green spaces play a crucial role in improving air quality, providing recreational opportunities, and fostering community interactions.

The concept of the blue urban economy, which involves sustainable use of water resources, was also a focal point. Mr. Thabanja explained how Nakuru is harnessing its water bodies to promote tourism, fishing, and other economic activities, thereby boosting the local economy while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Affordable housing remains a critical challenge for many urban areas, and Nakuru’s initiatives in this sector were discussed in detail. Mr. Thabanja outlined Governor Kihika’s commitment to providing affordable housing solutions to meet the growing demand. By working with private developers and leveraging public-private partnerships, Nakuru aims to offer quality housing options for all income levels.

Urban mobility and economic development were also key areas of focus. Mr. Thabanja shared Nakuru’s strategies to improve public transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance connectivity. These efforts are aimed at making the city more accessible and efficient, thereby attracting businesses and investors. Economic development initiatives, including support for local entrepreneurs and creation of business-friendly environments, were also highlighted as crucial for urban prosperity.

Eldoret’s leaders are keen to learn from Nakuru’s experiences, aiming to apply best practices tailored to their city’s unique context. The summit has provided a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering partnerships and actionable strategies that can drive the city’s economic development and innovation.

The three-day summit, with its panel discussions and networking sessions, promises to foster partnerships and actionable strategies. The focus on leveraging collective expertise to unlock the potential of Kenya’s cities is expected to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity. By sharing experiences and strategies, cities can learn from each other and implement best practices that lead to improved living standards and economic opportunities for their residents.

Eldoret Business Summit 2024 is an important event for urban development in Kenya. The insights shared by Nakuru City Manager Mr. Gitau Thabanja, along with the collaborative spirit of the summit, are set to drive meaningful progress in urban transformation. By focusing on strategic planning, community engagement, and sustainable practices, cities like Eldoret can look forward to a brighter, more prosperous future.

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