Nakuru City Selected as Urban Boards Guide Book Pilot Training Site for Enhanced Urban Governance

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Nakuru City Board


Nakuru City has been chosen as one of the inaugural training sites for the Urban Boards Guide Book, an initiative geared toward building a solid foundation for effective urban governance institutions. This guidebook is a significant step in enhancing the capacity of urban governing bodies to exercise their powers and fulfill their oversight responsibilities, as outlined in the Urban Areas and Cities Act (UACA).

Members of the City Board recently participated in an extensive training program covering topics such as the establishment of the board, induction processes, training procedures, and board performance and accountability to the local populace. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in the Urban Boards Guide Book, the management of Nakuru City aims to become better prepared to carry out their mandates and serve the residents effectively.

The training was conducted by the Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) in collaboration with the State Department of Housing and Urban Development (SDHUD), under the leadership of Mr. Charles Wesonga. The City Chair and Vice-Chair, Stephen Muli and Johra Said, were also present during this valuable training session. This initiative is expected to empower urban governance institutions to better meet the needs of their local communities and contribute to overall development.

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