Nakuru City Takes Strides Towards Inclusive Sanitation

Inclusive Sanitation Nakuru


In a collaborative effort, UN-Habitat, in partnership with the African Water and Sanitation Association (AFWASA), is spearheading a capacity-building training program for city stakeholders in Nakuru. The primary objective is to enhance sanitation and hygiene practices through the City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) approach, promoting innovative and alternative solutions.

The training program brings together a team of technical experts from the City Management and the Department of Health in a five-day key stakeholder engagement workshop. The workshop serves as a platform to assess the current state of sanitation and hygiene in Nakuru and formulate future plans for the sector. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the ongoing efforts of H.E Governor Kihika’s Administration, actively focused on redesigning and implementing sanitation projects in a timely manner.

The administration’s goal is to ensure safely managed sanitation, utilizing available resources and fostering collaboration with relevant sector actors. The timing of the workshop couldn’t be more opportune, as it complements the administration’s commitment to addressing sanitation challenges comprehensively.

Macharia Thang’wa, the City Planner leading the Nakuru City team, expressed his optimism about the platform’s potential. He highlighted its role in facilitating the understanding and sharing of best practices for delivering services to the urban poor. “The ultimate objective is to establish a coherent vision and framework for enhanced collaboration, cooperation, and coordination aimed at improving sanitation conditions,” he affirmed.

By embracing the CWIS approach and engaging key stakeholders, Nakuru City is taking significant strides towards inclusive sanitation. This collaborative endeavour reflects a commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions, marking a positive shift towards improved sanitation and hygiene practices in the region.

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