Nakuru City Witnesses Remarkable Transformation with Extensive Road Rehabilitation


Nakuru City and its environs have undergone a major transformation through an ambitious rehabilitation project aimed at upgrading residential streets and feeder roads. The overhaul of the city’s road network, spanning over 7.2 kilometers, is a testament to the proactive efforts of H.E Governor Susan Kihika, reshaping not only the physical landscape but also laying the foundation for a vibrant and prosperous Nakuru City.

The rehabilitation initiative, spearheaded by Governor Susan Kihika, has brought about a notable transformation in Nakuru City. The once dilapidated residential streets and feeder roads, plagued by potholes and wear, have been revitalized into accessible pathways. This enhancement has significantly improved road connectivity within the city, fostering ease of movement for all residents and visitors.

City Manager Gitau Thabanja emphasized the far-reaching effects of this infrastructure investment, noting that the positive impacts extend beyond the mere physical upgrade of roads. The ripple effects are evident in the thriving businesses along the newly refurbished commercial corridors. The roads not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city but also contribute to the overall economic prosperity of Nakuru.

The revamped road network has become a catalyst for economic growth, creating an environment conducive to commerce and business activities. Improved accessibility has facilitated the movement of goods and people, supporting the vibrancy of local businesses. The transformation of the commercial corridors has attracted increased foot traffic, further boosting economic activities and contributing to the overall development of Nakuru City.

Residents, too, have experienced an improvement in their daily lives, as the rehabilitated roads ensure smoother commuting experiences. The infrastructure upgrade aligns with the broader vision of creating a city that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to the well-being and prosperity of its inhabitants.

Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to infrastructure development and urban renewal stands as a demonstration to her dedication to the progress and prosperity of Nakuru City. The extensive road rehabilitation project serves as a model for proactive governance and strategic urban planning, positioning Nakuru as a city that embraces growth, innovation, and enhanced quality of life for its residents.

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