Nakuru County Addresses Flooding Concerns

In response to heavy rains experienced during the week, Chief Officer for Roads and Public Transport, Kennedy Mugo, has taken proactive steps to address flooding concerns in Gilanis Estates, Nakuru West Sub-county. An excavator has been mobilized and is already on site to undertake immediate interventions by excavating an earth drain.

The creation of this drain is expected to be of great help to students of Nakuru West and Muslim Primary School, who were previously at risk of flooding inside the school compound during heavy rains. By addressing this issue, the County aims to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

In addition to addressing flooding, the County has taken a health measure by demolishing an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) toilet block within Nakuru West School. This action was taken because the toilet block was constructed on a fault line, posing a risk of further damage during heavy rains.

The Department of Roads and Public Transport has put in place a comprehensive plan to respond to challenges posed by heavy rains promptly and efficiently, ensuring the safety and comfort of Nakuru County residents.

The efforts to address flooding and associated risks were conducted in the presence of Shabab MCA David Wathiai and the Acting Director of Roads and Public Transportation, Edgar Sirima, highlighting the collaborative approach taken by the County in tackling these issues.

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