Nakuru County to advance Agricultural excellence at ATC

The County Government of Nakuru has plans to elevate agricultural training and foster economic independence. Today, the County Government of Nakuru participated in the Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT) AgriFI Agriculture Technical Vocational Education Training (ATVET) commercialization meeting. The objective of this initiative is to transform existing training centres into centres of excellence, accredited to deliver diverse competencies across various agricultural value chains.

At the forefront of this endeavour is the Nakuru Agricultural Training Center (ATC), which plays a pivotal role in supporting farmers through comprehensive training programs. Recognizing the importance of bridging gaps in skills and knowledge dissemination within agricultural value chains, the ATC catalyzes empowering individuals involved in the agricultural sector.

The training centre is dedicated to imparting skills in various facets of agriculture, including relevant skill-based agricultural technologies, farming techniques, and value-addition processes. By offering a holistic approach to education, the Nakuru ATC aims to equip individuals with the expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture.

Leonard Bor, the Agriculture Executive for Nakuru County, emphasized the critical nature of commercializing the institution. This strategic move not only enhances the institution’s independence but also contributes to its financial sustainability. The vision is to create a self-reliant centre of excellence that actively engages with and empowers individuals pursuing careers in agriculture.

The meeting, which drew representatives from 12 other counties implementing the project, served as a collaborative platform to share insights, strategies, and best practices in advancing agricultural education. The collective goal is to establish a network of accredited ATVET centres that consistently contribute to the development of skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the agricultural sector.

Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura reiterated the significance of such initiatives in shaping the future of agriculture. By investing in the commercialization and accreditation of ATVET centres, counties collectively contribute to building a skilled workforce that can navigate the complexities of the evolving agricultural landscape.

As Nakuru County actively engages in these transformative efforts, it underscores a commitment to not only enhance agricultural education but also to empower individuals, uplift communities, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the agricultural sector in the region. The strides taken in commercializing the Nakuru ATC are an indication of a forward-thinking approach to agricultural development, setting the stage for a more resilient and skilled agricultural workforce.

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