Nakuru County Advances Agricultural Growth Through Collaborative Initiatives


Towards fulfill the promises made by Nakuru County Governor H.E. Susan Kihika to the residents, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries convened a consultative meeting with the Nakuru County Assembly Agricultural Committee. The aim of the meeting was to establish a collaborative framework to ensure the realization of the county’s agricultural potential and its commitment to food security, industrialization, and economic prosperity.

The session provided a platform for comprehensive discussions, with key topics including the development of the Lake Naivasha Fisheries Management Plan, the implementation of projects promoting various value chains, and the status of the distribution of subsidized fertilizer. The exchange of insights and information laid the groundwork for effective coordination between the executive and legislative arms of the county government.

CECM for Agriculture, Leonard Bor, emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration between the two arms in achieving Nakuru’s goals of food security, industrialization, and wealth creation. Bor presented an overview of ongoing initiatives, including the Pyrethrum Transformation Program, increased access to farm inputs, the completion of the Karai fish market, vaccination campaigns, and disease surveillance. These efforts collectively contribute to the county’s vision for a robust and sustainable agricultural sector.

Highlighting the distribution of subsidized fertilizer, CECM Leonard Bor revealed, “As a county, we have received 162,159 bags of planting fertilizer, where over 65,000 bags have been purchased by farmers.” This underscores the county’s commitment to supporting farmers by making essential inputs more accessible and affordable, ultimately enhancing productivity.

Agriculture Committee Chairperson, Hon. Isabella Makori, pledged the committee’s unwavering support and partnership in policy formulation and resource mobilization to drive growth and development in the agricultural sector. The collaborative spirit displayed in this meeting signifies a united front in the pursuit of agricultural excellence, acknowledging the interdependence of both arms of the county government.

Nakuru County positions itself as a beacon of agricultural innovation and development, the synergy between the executive and legislative bodies ensures that policies and projects align with the needs of the community. The consultative meeting stands as a testament to the county’s commitment to inclusive governance and the realization of a thriving agricultural landscape.

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