Nakuru County Advances Clean Water Access with Heshima Water Projects

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Heshima Water Projects


In a significant move towards enhancing water accessibility and sanitation, the Department of Water and Sanitation, in collaboration with NAWASSCO, has officially handed over the Heshima water projects to the contractor. These projects, situated in Kiamaina Ward, Bahati subcounty, comprise the construction of a 200m³ RC Tank and the laying of 13 kilometers of piping.

With a total investment of Ksh34.8 million, this initiative is a collaborative effort between the Nakuru County Government and Dutch water operators. Beyond delivering clean water to the residents of Kiamaina and Free Area in Nakuru East Sub-County, the project also encompasses upgrading the sewerage system and extending these enhancements to neighboring areas.

The project’s implementation is anticipated to generate employment opportunities within the local community. Upon completion, it will not only significantly improve access to clean and safe water for the residents of Kiamaina but will also serve as a foundation for extending these benefits to other areas.

During the handover ceremony, key figures such as area MCA Paul Waweru, Zaituni Kanenje (Low-Income Consumer Manager at NAWASSCO), sub-county water Engineer Jane Nginyo, Kiamaina Ward Administrator Sarah Kangara, Area Chief Cecilia Njuguna, and local residents were in attendance. The project’s holistic approach includes connecting the Chief’s Office and various institutions, ensuring that every household in the area gains access to clean water within the next five years.

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