Nakuru County Agriculture Executive Encourages Youth to Explore Agriculture for Economic Growth

Youth in agriculture

Leonard Bor, the County Executive for Agriculture in Nakuru, has urged the youth to consider agriculture as a lucrative income-generating activity. Speaking at the opening of the 14th RVIST Agribusiness EXPO 2023, Bor emphasized the untapped potential of agriculture as a profitable sector in the country.

Bor highlighted that beyond being a source of income, agriculture serves as a pathway to financial independence, creating resilience and empowering young individuals to become business leaders within their communities. He encouraged the youth to explore the diverse opportunities available in the agricultural sector.

The County Executive assured farmers of ongoing support, with the county committed to providing extension services to enhance productivity in various agricultural value chains. Recognizing the importance of technology and innovation, Bor emphasized their role in making agriculture more accessible and sustainable, particularly for the younger generation.

The RVIST Agribusiness EXPO 2023 is designed to be a platform for farmers to access valuable information, guiding them toward best practices in agribusiness and contributing to increased productivity in the sector. The event aligns with Nakuru County’s efforts to promote agriculture as a key driver of economic growth and sustainability.

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