Nakuru County Collaborates with KenGen for Key Access Road to Olkaria Geothermal Field and Energy Park

A collaborative effort between the County Government of Nakuru and Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) took a significant step forward as key stakeholders conducted a joint assessment for the construction of a proposed access road linking the Olkaria Geothermal Field to the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) terminus. The Nakuru County team, led by County Executive Members Michael Kamau (Infrastructure), John Kihagi (Lands), and Stephen Kuria (Trade and Tourism), joined KenGen representatives for this crucial stakeholder assessment.

The proposed access road is a pivotal component of plans to enhance the accessibility of the upcoming Energy Park situated south of Lake Naivasha near Olkaria. The strategic location, approximately 113km from Nairobi and 30km from Naivasha, positions the Energy Park as a focal point for economic growth and development.

The Energy Park is designed to leverage geothermal resources, including steam, brine, condensate, electricity, and raw water, contributing to a diversified and energy-efficient agenda. The development of the park aligns with broader initiatives to harness geothermal potential for sustainable energy production, promoting economic activity in the Olkaria and Naivasha region.

County Executive Member Michael Kamau emphasized the significance of the proposed access road in facilitating seamless connectivity to the Energy Park. The road infrastructure will play a critical role in supporting the region’s economic growth and activity, unlocking the full potential of the geothermal resources available.

Present at the stakeholder assessment were Chief Officer Office of the Governor Newton Mwaura, Acting Director for Infrastructure Simon Kariuki, and a team from KenGen, led by Douglas Gichangi and Simon Kisoto, along with Howard Humphrey Consultancy Director Jeremiah Munanu.

This collaborative venture reflects the commitment of both Nakuru County and KenGen to advancing sustainable energy solutions and fostering economic development. As plans progress for the construction of the access road and the establishment of the Energy Park, the partnership between Nakuru County and KenGen stands as a testament to the shared vision for a future characterized by renewable energy innovation and regional prosperity.

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