Nakuru County Collaborates with Young Farmers Club to Boost Youth Engagement in Agriculture

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The County Government of Nakuru, under the leadership of H.E Governor Susan Kihika, County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture Leonard Bor, recently held a productive meeting with the Young Farmers Club leadership from the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology. The meeting focused on various collaborative efforts aimed at encouraging youth participation in agriculture, showcasing innovations, and supporting student agricultural projects.

Leonard Bor emphasized the importance of youth involvement in agriculture, highlighting it as a viable income-generating opportunity. He commended the 60-member strong Young Farmers Club for their proactive approach in promoting agriculture among their peers. The members of the club, drawn from different agricultural courses at the institution, are setting a commendable example for other young people in the county.

During the discussion, several key areas of collaboration were identified. One of the primary focuses was to encourage more young people to venture into agriculture, not only as a means of employment but also as a significant contributor to food and nutrition security in Nakuru County. By supporting and promoting agricultural initiatives among the youth, the county aims to foster a new generation of innovative and dedicated farmers.

Another important aspect of the collaboration is the support for students to showcase their agricultural innovations at the upcoming Nakuru Agricultural Showcase. This event will provide a platform for young farmers to demonstrate their skills, creativity, and technological advancements in agriculture. By participating in the showcase, students will gain valuable exposure, networking opportunities, and potential support from stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

Leonard Bor assured the Young Farmers Club of his full support, praising their efforts to encourage youth involvement in agriculture. He highlighted that such initiatives are crucial for the promotion of sustainable agriculture practices and the overall development of the agricultural sector in Nakuru County. Bor emphasized that the county government is committed to providing the necessary resources and support to ensure the success of these initiatives.

Supporting student agricultural projects is another vital area of focus. By providing financial, technical, and advisory support, the county aims to empower students to undertake meaningful agricultural projects that can serve as models for others. These projects will not only enhance the students’ practical skills and knowledge but also contribute to the county’s agricultural productivity and innovation.

The collaboration between the County Government of Nakuru and the Young Farmers Club from the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology is a significant step towards fostering youth engagement in agriculture. By supporting these initiatives, the county is investing in the future of its agricultural sector, promoting food security, and creating employment opportunities for young people. This partnership underscores the importance of youth involvement in agriculture and the positive impact it can have on the community and the economy of Nakuru County.

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