Nakuru County Commences Asset Valuation Program for Improved Governance

The Nakuru County government has initiated a comprehensive asset valuation program, starting in Naivasha Subcounty and set to extend across all subcounties. This strategic move aims to enhance governance and service delivery by ensuring accurate and updated information on county assets.

Hon. John Kihagi, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) in charge of the lands docket, called upon individuals in possession of public assets to voluntarily surrender them. Emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability, this appeal aligns with the county’s commitment to optimizing the utilization of its resources for the benefit of residents.

Addressing the public, CECM Kihagi also urged anyone with information regarding illegal possession of public land or property to come forward and share it with the county. This collaborative approach seeks to rectify any discrepancies in asset ownership and usage.

Elijah Mogoi, the county assets manager, led the valuation team in Naivasha. Mogoi highlighted the significant impact of having county assets in the wrong hands, emphasizing that it often leads to increased expenditures for the county to deliver services to Nakuru residents. The asset valuation process is a crucial step in ensuring effective governance and resource management.

Looking ahead, Mr. Mogoi revealed plans to acquire an information technology system in the next financial year. This system aims to centralize and streamline the management of county assets, providing a comprehensive database for better decision-making and resource allocation.

The asset valuation program reflects Nakuru County’s commitment to good governance, transparency, and responsible resource management. By accurately assessing and documenting its assets, the county is poised to optimize the use of public resources for the overall well-being of its residents.

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