Nakuru County Conducts Induction Workshop for Ward Climate Change Planning Committees

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The Department of Water, Environment, and Climate Change, led by Chief Officer Kennedy Mungai, has initiated an induction workshop for Ward Climate Change Planning Committees from Nakuru Town East and Gilgil Sub-counties. The training aims to equip these committees with the knowledge and skills required to implement climate change resilience, adaptation, and mitigation activities, while also familiarizing them with the legal framework governing the program.

The workshop covers various aspects, including the mandate of the steering committee, status updates on climate change initiatives, and the processes associated with the World Bank-funded FLLoCA program designed to support community-driven climate change solutions.

Kennedy Mungai, Chief Officer of Environment, reiterated the County Government of Nakuru’s commitment to addressing climate change challenges through a grassroots approach. This approach encourages active participation and engagement at the ward level, ensuring transparent and accountable utilization of resources from the World Bank’s FLLoCA program.

The training session was attended by key stakeholders, including Grace Karanja, Ag. Director of Climate Change, Sub County and ward Administrators, County Environment officers led by Kimotho Mungai, and representatives from organizations like ALIN-Kenya, SEAF-Kenya, and WWF-Kenya.

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