Nakuru County Cracks Down on Unsustainable Quarrying Practices

Unsustainable Quarrying Practices in Bahati

In a proactive move to address environmental concerns, Nakuru County’s Departments of Water, Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Natural Resources inspected quarrying activities in the Ahero and Mutukanio areas in Bahati Sub-County.

The inspection revealed that the quarrying methods being employed were unsustainable, reaching an alarming excavation depth of 40 feet, a clear violation of environmental laws and integrated land use guidelines. These practices not only pose environmental risks but also endanger the local community.

Kennedy Mungai, Chief Officer of the Department, emphasized that the county government takes the concerns raised by area residents seriously and will not tolerate illegal quarrying and natural resource extraction leading to land dereliction and environmental degradation. The Department vows to intensify inspections across the county to prevent further illegal activities.

The inspection team, including Grace Karanja, Director for Environment, enforcement officers, administration police, and community members, collaborated to address the environmental threats posed by unsustainable quarrying practices.

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