Nakuru County Deputy Governor Advocates for Streamlined Budgeting Processes

Nakuru County’s Deputy Governor, H.E. David Kones, took part in a crucial public sensitization forum on the budget-making process alongside the Controller of Budget, Dr. Margaret Nyakango, and other stakeholders from Laikipia, Nyandarua, Nakuru, Baringo, and Kericho counties.

During the forum, Deputy Governor Kones raised several pertinent issues related to the challenges posed by manual systems in budget preparation. These manual processes often result in delays in budget implementation. He emphasized the need to reclassify activities such as bursaries as part of the development budget, rather than recurrent expenses, as they significantly contribute to community development.

Furthermore, Mr. Kones advocated for the inclusion of the Facility Improvement Fund (FIF) in the annual report provided by the Controller of Budget. This fund’s inclusion in the report is essential for ensuring transparency and accountability, as it discloses how county funds are spent and monitored by the Controller of Budget.

Dr. Nyakango reiterated the importance of transparency and accountability in resource allocation and utilization across counties. She stressed the need to maximize fund absorption while reducing cases of wastage and corruption. The Controller of Budget also highlighted the necessity of addressing the knowledge gaps among residents regarding various aspects of budgeting, ultimately ensuring that funds are utilized efficiently by counties.

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