Nakuru County Embarks on ICT Infrastructure Enhancement to Revolutionize Service Delivery


Nakuru County is taking significant strides to revolutionize service delivery and address internet challenges by enhancing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure across various county departments. This ambitious initiative aligns with Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto for digital transformation in Nakuru County, aiming to modernize the county’s operations and improve efficiency in service delivery.

County Chief Officer for ICT, E-Government, and Public Communication, Catherine Changwony, announced the commencement of the ICT infrastructure and cabling project during a site handover ceremony to the contractor. This project will be implemented across several key departments, including Lands, Agriculture, and the Directorate of Education in Bondeni.

Speaking during the meeting, Catherine Changwony emphasized the importance of this initiative in fulfilling Governor Kihika’s vision of a digitally advanced Nakuru County. “Enhancing our ICT infrastructure is crucial for achieving efficient service delivery and overcoming existing internet challenges. This project is a significant step towards realizing Governor Kihika’s commitment to digital transformation,” she stated.

The project aims to provide robust and reliable ICT infrastructure, ensuring that county departments can operate seamlessly and deliver services more effectively. Improved connectivity and modernized systems will facilitate better communication, data management, and service provision, ultimately benefiting the residents of Nakuru County.

Accompanying Changwony, were Chief Officer for Livestock and Fisheries, Eng. Michael Cheruiyot, and Stella Mwaura of Lands and Physical Planning. Both officials commended the ICT department for its professionalism and dedication to ensuring the project is executed effectively. They highlighted the importance of maintaining high-quality standards and vowed to work collaboratively to ensure the success of the initiative.

Eng. Michael Cheruiyot expressed his optimism about the project’s impact on various sectors. “This ICT enhancement will significantly improve our operational efficiency in departments like Agriculture and Livestock, leading to better service delivery for our farmers and stakeholders,” he remarked.

Stella Mwaura echoed these sentiments, stressing the importance of reliable ICT infrastructure in the Lands and Physical Planning department. “A robust ICT system is essential for accurate data management and efficient service provision. This project will help us achieve these goals and enhance our overall performance,” she said.

The meeting also saw the attendance of several stakeholders who will play crucial roles in the project’s implementation. Among them were Leonard Kirui, Director of ICT; Catherine Muiruri, Administrator of Education; Veronica Gathambi, Education Project Coordinator; Lavusa, ICT Administrator; and other ICT officers. Their presence underscored the collective effort and commitment of various departments to support the digital transformation agenda.

Governor Susan Kihika’s administration continues to prioritize digital transformation as a key component of its development agenda. By investing in modern ICT infrastructure, the county is not only addressing current challenges but also laying a strong foundation for future growth and innovation.

The residents of Nakuru County can look forward to more efficient and reliable services as the ICT infrastructure project progresses. This initiative highlights the county government’s dedication to improving the quality of life for its citizens through technological advancements and effective governance.

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