Nakuru County Embarks on Modern Market Construction for Naivasha East Ward

The County Government of Nakuru has unveiled plans to construct a modern market in Kinungi in a move to enhance local commerce and uplift the living standards of residents . This project is expected to bring significant benefits to the residents of Naivasha East Ward in Naivasha Sub-County.

To ensure the success and efficiency of the upcoming Kinungi market, County Trade Executive Stephen Kuria spearheaded a delegation on a benchmarking tour to Wangige market in Kiambu County. The primary objective was to identify gaps and glean insights from the best practices implemented at the Wangige fresh food market, renowned as the largest egg market in East and Central Africa.

Accompanying Mr. Kuria on this fact-finding mission were Trade Chief Officer Samuel Ndegwa and a delegation of MCAs, including Stanley Karanja, Cyrus Dida, Robert Kiplagat, and Francis Njogu, among others. The delegation explored various aspects of the Wangige market, aiming to understand its operational efficiency, infrastructure design, and overall management.

Speaking about the benchmarking tour, County Trade Executive Stephen Kuria expressed optimism about implementing lessons learned from Wangige market in the development of the Kinungi market. “Our goal is to create a modern market facility that not only meets the needs of our residents but also aligns with the best practices observed during this tour,” stated Mr. Kuria.

The construction of the Kinungi market aligns with the county government’s commitment to fostering economic growth, supporting local businesses, and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. Modern market facilities play a crucial role in providing a conducive environment for traders, improving hygiene standards, and promoting economic activities within communities.

As Nakuru County embarks on this endeavor, the collaborative efforts of government officials, trade executives, and local representatives underscore a commitment to sustainable development and the welfare of the residents in Naivasha East Ward. The modern Kinungi market project is poised to become a cornerstone of economic vibrancy and community well-being in the region, reflecting the county’s dedication to progressive and inclusive development initiatives.

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