Nakuru County Embraces Second Phase of Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Programme (KISIP II)

The Nakuru County Government has welcomed the commencement of the second phase of the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Programme II (KISIP), an initiative aimed at enhancing living conditions in informal settlements. The program is set to benefit various informal settlements, including London/Hilton in London Ward of Nakuru West Sub-county, Lakeview in Flamingo Ward, Kia Murogi in Nakuru East Ward, both in Nakuru Town East Sub-county, and Karagita in Hells Gate Ward of Naivasha Sub-county.

Chief Officer for Housing and Urban Development, Kamau Kuria, who also serves as the KISIP II County Project Coordination Team (CPCT) County Coordinator, officially launched the KISIP II CPCT. In his address, he emphasized the critical role of the CPCT in ensuring that the project’s scope is accurately captured by project consultants, guaranteeing that beneficiaries receive value for money.

The first phase of KISIP, implemented a few years ago, successfully delivered civil works projects in Gilani, Kaptembwa, and Rhoda settlements in Nakuru Town West Sub-county, as well as Karagita, Kamere, Kihoto, and Kasarani in Naivasha Sub-county. It also achieved the issuance of title deeds under the tenure security component in Tarabete, Keringet, Kasarani, Eastleigh, Kongasis, and Crater Lake.

The newly established CPCT comprises individuals from various county departments, including Nakuru Municipality, Environment, Social Services, Roads and Infrastructure, Land Physical Planning, Urban Development, as well as personnel from Supply Chain and Accounting. This interdisciplinary approach aims to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated effort in the successful implementation of KISIP II across different facets of the county administration.

The launch of KISIP II marks a significant step in Nakuru County’s commitment to addressing the needs of informal settlements and improving the quality of life for residents. By extending its involvement in projects that enhance infrastructure, tenure security, and overall community well-being, Nakuru County continues to demonstrate its dedication to inclusive development and proactive governance. As the program progresses, it is poised to make a tangible impact on the lives of those residing in informal settlements, fostering positive change and sustainable urban development.

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