Nakuru County Empowers Farmers with Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices

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In a dedicated effort to combat the challenges posed by climate change, the County Government of Nakuru is actively promoting climate-smart agricultural practices to enhance the yields and productivity of smallholder farmers in the region.

These innovative agricultural techniques involve the incorporation of climate-smart technologies, such as minimum tillage, aimed at not only improving soil fertility but also bolstering food security and overall agricultural productivity.

Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura emphasized this commitment during a recent farmer’s field day on agri mechanization and conservation farming in Neissut Ward, Njoro Sub County. At the event, farmers were trained on the utilization of new technologies, the use of certified pest control drugs, and certified seeds.

Mr. Mwaura further highlighted that agriculture stands as a pivotal element of the governor’s manifesto. He encouraged farmers to embrace pyrethrum farming, assuring them that the administration had already secured a reliable market, thus shielding them from exploitation by middlemen.

The field day served as a platform for collaboration, bringing together various partners, including the Green Planet Farmers Cooperatives, CAMCO Company, Western Seed Company, Cereal Growers organization, Koppert, Fresh Crop, and other stakeholders. This collective effort aims to equip farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the face of climate challenges and improve agricultural sustainability.

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