Nakuru County empowers the youths-Menengai Social Hall

Nakuru County Empowers Youths

Nakuru County Empowerment Center hosted its Second Graduation ceremony, graced by County Executive for Youth, Sports, Gender, and Social Services, Josephine Atieno. The event celebrated the accomplishments of a cohort of Eighteen graduates who were awarded certificates primarily in Computer Literacy.

The certificates encompassed a diverse range of modules, reflecting the center’s commitment to providing holistic skills. Graduates were proficient in Microsoft Applications, CV Writing, Public Speaking, Financial Management, and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). Notably, five of the graduands have already secured job placements, showcasing the tangible impact of the center’s programs.

County Executive Josephine Atieno commended the directorate for their dedication in realizing the vision and dream of Governor H.E Susan Kihika. The empowerment center, under the guidance of the Governor, has become a beacon for skill development and job readiness, aligning with broader initiatives to uplift the youth in Nakuru County.

In her address, CECM Atieno expressed her wishes for the Graduants, highlighting the importance of their newfound skills in shaping their future endeavors. The ceremony not only marked academic achievement but also symbolized the transformative journey each graduate embarked upon during their time at the empowerment center.

The presence of Chief Officer for Youth, Sports, Talent, and Resource Mobilization, Pastor Alex Maina, underscored the collaborative effort in realizing the goals of youth empowerment. Ward Administrators, representatives from Midrift, a Football Agent, Maya Glan Couture, PSTD Administrators, and Ajiry were among the distinguished guests in attendance. This diverse representation highlighted the broad spectrum of support and collaboration that contributed to the success of the program.

The Nakuru County Empowerment Center has become a catalyst for change, providing a platform for youth to acquire practical skills essential for today’s competitive job market. The inclusion of AI in the curriculum reflects a forward-looking approach, preparing graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

As the graduates step into the professional world, armed with knowledge and practical skills, the Nakuru County Empowerment Center stands as a testament to the commitment of Nakuru County in nurturing talent and empowering the youth. The Second Graduation ceremony not only celebrated achievements but reinforced the county’s dedication to equipping the younger generation for a brighter and more prosperous future.

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