Nakuru County Engages with President’s Taskforce on Government Press Modernization

Deputy Governor H.E. David Kones played host to a delegation from the President’s Taskforce on the Modernization and Transformation of the Government’s Press, led by its Vice Chair, Nzomo Mbithuka. The purpose of their visit was to engage in a series of forums with the public in Nakuru County.

The primary focus of these forums was to discuss the ‘Draft Government Press 2023: A Policy and Strategic Framework for Building a Kenya Government Press for the Future.’ This comprehensive initiative aims to revamp the Government Press into a highly efficient and commercially viable entity.

During the meeting, Deputy Governor Kones emphasized the potential benefits of a modernized Government Press in expediting the process of obtaining essential documents for the county and its residents. He expressed his commitment to this endeavor and assured the delegation of the county’s full support. Additionally, he pledged to assemble a select team of county officials to provide valuable insights and perspectives on the matter, contributing to the successful transformation of the Government Press.

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