Nakuru County Explores Innovative Partnerships for Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems

Deputy Governor H.E David Kones welcomed a distinguished delegation from the Foresight for Food Initiative, representing Kenya, the UK, and the Netherlands. The purpose of their visit was to explore potential partnerships aimed at transforming Nakuru County’s food systems.

The Foresight for Food System Transformation program (FoSTr) is poised to contribute significantly to improving the County’s food systems. The initiative focuses on research, stakeholder dialogue, and providing expertise to better understand future risks and opportunities in food sustainability.

Deputy Governor Kones, joined by County Executive for Agriculture Leonard Bor, conveyed the County’s readiness to collaborate with various partners to ensure food security. This collaboration is crucial in light of the numerous challenges threatening food sustainability, with climate change being a significant concern.

The visiting team, comprising Wangeci Gitata, Loraine Kithinji, Bram Peters, Jim Woodhill, and Joyce Nyamweya CBS, represents key players from the Foresight for Food Initiative, including the Results for Africa Institute and Oxford University. Their expertise and collaborative efforts aim to pave the way for innovative solutions that can enhance food security, taking into account the unique challenges faced by Nakuru County.

The Deputy Governor expressed optimism about the potential impact of such partnerships on the County’s food systems. By leveraging the insights and support from FoSTr, Nakuru is positioning itself at the forefront of sustainable agriculture practices, ensuring a resilient and food-secure future for its residents. This collaboration reflects Nakuru’s commitment to staying ahead of challenges and embracing forward-thinking approaches to address critical issues such as food sustainability.

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