Nakuru County Farmers Flourish as Subsidized Fertilizer Program Bears Fruit

Nakuru County’s farming community have emerged as the second-largest beneficiaries of the National Government’s subsidized fertilizer program. According to a comprehensive report by the Office of the Auditor General, Nakuru County has received over 440,000 bags out of the 3.4 million bags distributed nationwide, securing a prominent position in the initiative aimed at boosting agricultural productivity.

This achievement reflects the county’s unwavering commitment to supporting its farmers and ensuring they have access to essential agricultural inputs. The strategic partnership between Nakuru County and the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has been instrumental in facilitating the continuous last-mile distribution of subsidized fertilizer throughout the county.

The last-mile distribution initiative is a testament to Nakuru County’s dedication to empowering local farmers. By strategically placing subsidized fertilizer within easy reach of farmers, the county aims to alleviate the challenges associated with accessing such crucial agricultural inputs. The program’s objective is to lighten the burden on farmers by providing them with affordable and timely access to fertilizer, thereby enhancing agricultural productivity.

To bolster the distribution process, Nakuru County has gone a step further by establishing satellite stores in various sub-counties. These satellite stores, located in Mutungati (Bahati), Kiambogo (Gilgil), Kamara (Kuresoi North), Kiptororo (Kuresoi North), Molo (Molo Sub-county), and Mauche (Njoro), play a pivotal role in enhancing accessibility for farmers. This strategic move not only ensures that farmers have convenient access to subsidized fertilizer but also contributes to reducing the overall cost of production.

The success of Nakuru County in the subsidized fertilizer program reflects a synergy between effective governance, collaboration with national agencies, and a commitment to fostering agricultural growth. By prioritizing the needs of its farming community, Nakuru County has not only secured a prominent position in the nationwide distribution but has also set a precedent for efficient and farmer-centric agricultural policies.

As the farmers in Nakuru County rejoice in the bountiful harvests facilitated by the subsidized fertilizer program, the county remains dedicated to further initiatives that empower its agricultural backbone, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity for all involved in the agricultural value chain

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