Nakuru County Football Triumphs in Talanta Hela National Under-19 Inter-County Tournament


During the Talanta Hela National Under -19 Inter-County Tournament, Nakuru County’s football teams left an indelible mark at the Talanta Hela National Under-19 Inter-County Football Tournament. The Nakuru Girls team, in particular, stole the spotlight with a resounding 10-1 victory against Kitui at the Nyayo National Stadium. Simultaneously, the Nakuru Boys team celebrated a hard-fought 1-0 win over Kiambu, showcasing their prowess on the field.

As the group stages approach their conclusion, both teams are resolute in their aim to secure first or second place in their respective pools. This positioning is crucial as it guarantees qualification for the Quarterfinals, setting the stage for more thrilling matches and potential championship glory.

The Nakuru Girls’ outstanding performance demonstrated not only their proficiency in scoring but also their cohesive teamwork and strategic play. The 10-1 victory reflected the team’s skillful execution on the field and left spectators in awe of their prowess. Meanwhile, the Nakuru Boys’ hard-fought 1-0 win underscored their resilience and ability to secure a victory in challenging circumstances.

County Executive Member for Youth and Sports, Josephine Achieng, expressed her pride in the teams’ achievements. Achieng lauded the players for their dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. She emphasized the importance of maintaining a winning mentality as the teams approach the crucial stages of the competition, urging them to continue making Nakuru County proud.

As the tournament progresses, the Nakuru teams find themselves at the center of attention, not just for their victories but also for the sportsmanship and spirit they bring to the competition. The upcoming Quarterfinals promise more excitement and challenges, and the Nakuru teams are poised to face them with the same determination that led to their success in the group stages.

Nakuru County’s representation in the Talanta Hela National Under-19 Inter-County Football Tournament highlights the depth of talent and passion for sports within the region. The success of the teams not only resonates on the football field but also fosters a sense of pride and unity among the residents of Nakuru County. As the tournament unfolds, anticipation builds for the next chapter in Nakuru’s football journey, with hopes soaring high for continued triumphs and memorable moments on the pitch.

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