Nakuru County Government Begins Construction of 50,000-Liter Water Tank in Neissuit Ward

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Nakuru County Government has initiated the construction of a 50,000-liter capacity water tank in Tuei village, Neissuit ward, Njoro Sub-County. This project aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to over 1,500 residents in the area. Njoro Sub-County water officer, Eng. Geoffrey Githinji, expressed optimism, noting that the construction of the tank brings hope to hundreds of residents who have long relied on untreated raw water from nearby rivers and springs. The commencement of this water tank project clearly illustrates H.E. Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to ensuring that Nakuru County residents have access to clean, safe, and tapped water, a crucial step towards improving public health and quality of life.

The new water tank will significantly enhance the living standards of the local community by providing a reliable source of potable water. Access to clean water is essential for preventing waterborne diseases, promoting hygiene, and ensuring the overall well-being of the residents. Furthermore, the availability of safe drinking water will reduce the time and effort that residents, particularly women and children, spend fetching water from distant and often unsafe sources. This, in turn, will allow them more time for productive activities such as education and economic pursuits.

The project has garnered positive reactions from the local community and leaders. Present at the launch were Neissuit Ward Administrator Rose Kimungen, the Chief, a representative from the MCA’s office, and members of the Project Management Committee. Their presence underscores the collaborative effort between the county government and the local leadership to address the critical needs of the residents. The construction of the water tank is one of many infrastructure projects aimed at transforming Nakuru County into a region with improved accessibility and quality of life for its inhabitants.

Governor Susan Kihika’s administration has prioritized infrastructure projects that directly benefit the residents, fulfilling her promise to enhance basic services and public utilities. By focusing on essential projects like the water tank in Tuei village, Governor Kihika is demonstrating her commitment to addressing the needs of the people and ensuring that even the most remote areas of the county are not left behind. The water tank project is a testament to the proactive and people-centered governance that aims to uplift the standards of living across Nakuru County.

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