Nakuru County Government Engages Business Sector for Peace and Security


In an effort to ensure a secure and thriving business environment, the County Government of Nakuru partnered with MidRift Hurinet, the National Government, and Reinvent Organization to host a stakeholders’ meeting with representatives from the business sector. The meeting, held with the backdrop of fostering peace and security in Nakuru, aimed to create a safe and conducive atmosphere for businesses to flourish within the county.

Hon. Stephen Kuria, the County Executive for Trade, and Zipporah Ngugi, County Executive for Education, took center stage during the meeting to reassure stakeholders of Governor Susan Kihika’s unwavering support and commitment. The administration is dedicated to collaborating with all relevant parties to enhance peace and security, ultimately leading to seamless service delivery across all sectors and benefiting the residents of Nakuru.

The involvement of key figures such as Hon. Stephen Kuria and Zipporah Ngugi underscored the importance placed on the partnership between the government and the business sector. Their presence not only signified the commitment of the county administration but also highlighted the recognition of the integral role businesses play in the overall prosperity of Nakuru.

Francis Njoroge (Njosh) from the Office of the Governor, Catherine Muiruri from the Department of Education, Monica Sitin (County Business Manager), ACCs, Police Commanders, and representatives from the business community were also active participants in the meeting. This diverse representation demonstrated a holistic approach to addressing peace and security concerns, involving stakeholders from various sectors.

The collaborative efforts between the government and the business community are crucial for creating an environment where economic activities can thrive without fear or disruption. The meeting served as a platform for open dialogue, allowing for the exchange of ideas, concerns, and strategies to enhance security measures.

The commitment to peace and security is not only about safeguarding businesses but also ensuring the well-being of residents. A secure environment is fundamental for attracting investments, promoting economic growth, and fostering a sense of community among the people of Nakuru.

As discussions unfolded, the focus extended beyond immediate security concerns to the broader goal of seamless service delivery. The interconnectedness of peace, security, and effective service delivery was a recurring theme, emphasizing the need for collaboration to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

In conclusion, the stakeholders’ meeting stands as a testament to Nakuru County’s proactive approach to fostering a secure and prosperous environment. By bringing together government officials, law enforcement, and the business community, the county aims to create a comprehensive strategy that not only ensures peace and security but also paves the way for sustained economic growth and improved quality of life for its residents.

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