Nakuru County Government Fosters Talent Development Through Taekwondo Club Support

County Government of Nakuru, under the leadership of H.E Governor Susan Kihika, is actively supporting local sports initiatives in a demonstration of its commitment to naturing and developing talents. Chief Officer Alex Maina, responsible for Youth and Sports, recently visited a Taekwondo club in Flamingo Ward, exemplifying the county’s dedication to empowering young talents.

The Taekwondo club in Flamingo Ward serves as a haven for nearly 80 youngsters aged between 4 and 18, providing them with a positive outlet and steering them away from potential involvement in drugs and crime. During the visit, Chief Officer Alex Maina observed firsthand the impact the club has on the lives of the youth in the neighborhood.

Head coach Mr. Joseph Ogolla, who initiated the club 12 years ago, shared the club’s remarkable journey. Over the years, close to 500 youths have been part of the program, learning not only Taekwondo but also kickboxing. Many alumni have gone on to join disciplined forces, while others have received national team call-ups, showcasing the transformative power of sports in shaping young lives.

The recent success of the club was highlighted by its participation in the Kenya Open championships held in Kisumu last month. The dedicated team brought home an impressive haul of six medals – three gold, two silver, and a bronze. This remarkable achievement secured the club’s third-place finish overall in the fiercely competitive 17-team tournament.

Chief Officer Alex Maina, impressed by the club’s accomplishments, extended his congratulations to the team. He expressed the county’s commitment to further develop Taekwondo and kickboxing by collaborating with the club. One of the key initiatives in the pipeline is the organization of a tournament that will bring together all mixed martial arts teams within Nakuru County, providing a platform for showcasing and enhancing local talent.

The visit and subsequent promises of support underscore Nakuru County’s holistic approach to youth development, recognizing the transformative role that sports can play in shaping character, instilling discipline, and offering opportunities for personal and professional growth. As the county promotes these initiatives, it reinforces its vision of creating a vibrant community where young talents are nurtured, empowered, and given the tools to succeed on both local and national platforms.

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