Nakuru County Government partners with PCEA Rugiri and Kianwe Church

Representatives from the Nakuru County Government, led by Hon Peter Kangethe, recently joined congregants for the morning service at PCEA Rugiri and Kianwe Church in Waseges ward, Subukia Sub-county. The county’s presence at the church aimed to extend financial support to the church school ministry, focusing on teaching and guiding children aged 2 to 14.

During the church service, Hon Kangethe expressed the government’s commitment to collaborating with all sectors of society, emphasizing initiatives that contribute to fostering social cohesion and creating safer neighborhoods. He assured worshippers of the government’s dedication to working hand in hand with communities to achieve national objectives.

Hon Kangethe also shared significant news with the church, revealing that Sh 27 million had been earmarked for developmental projects within Waseges ward for the financial year 2022/2023. This financial allocation underscores the county’s focus on grassroots development and the importance of community involvement in decision-making processes that impact their needs. An additional Sh 4 million has been allocated for the construction of Kagumo bridge, a vital infrastructure project benefiting the local community.

The church expressed gratitude for the timely support received from the county, particularly in the revival of the Kwa-Ndeki water borehole. The provision of a water tank further highlights the county’s commitment to addressing essential needs within the community, ensuring access to clean water for residents.

The financial support to the church school ministry signifies the county government’s recognition of the importance of education and guidance for young children. By collaborating with religious institutions, the county aims to create a holistic approach to community development that addresses various aspects of residents’ lives.

As Nakuru County continues to engage with local communities and religious institutions, partnerships like these exemplify the collaborative spirit necessary for sustainable development. The involvement of the county government in supporting initiatives at the grassroots level reflects a commitment to improving the well-being of residents and fostering positive transformations within Nakuru County.

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