Nakuru County Government Reinforces Commitment to Youth Empowerment with Staff Recruitment

Nakuru County Government has announced plans to recruit additional technical staff for the Youth Empowerment Centre. The initiative aims to cater to the increasing number of young individuals eager to participate in various programs offered at the center.

During a meeting with County Executive Committee Member for Youth, Gender, Culture, Sports, and Social Services, Ms. Josephine Achieng, County Public Service Board Chairman, Mr. Charles Mwai, affirmed their dedication to realizing Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to enhancing talents and creativity in the county. The meeting served as a platform to identify key areas that require immediate attention to further the objectives set forth by the governor.

Mr. Mwai, along with board members, conducted a visit to the Youth Empowerment Centre located at Bondeni Social Hall in Nakuru Town East Sub County. The visit was not only an opportunity to assess the current state of affairs but also a chance to engage with the youth actively involved in various activities at the center.

During the visit, the Public Service Board team conveyed encouragement to the youth, urging them to work diligently and excel in their respective fields. The emphasis was on fostering a supportive environment that nurtures talent, creativity, and overall personal development among the youth population.

The identified need for additional technical staff underscores the county government’s commitment to providing comprehensive support to the Youth Empowerment Centre. By recruiting professionals with diverse expertise, the aim is to enhance the learning experience and create a conducive atmosphere for the youth to explore and hone their skills.

Present during the visit were key figures instrumental in youth affairs within the county, including the Chief Officer of Youth and Sports Affairs, Mr. Alex Maina, and the Director in charge of Youth Affairs, Mr. Josphat Kimemia. Their presence further highlighted the collaborative effort between different departments to ensure the success of youth empowerment initiatives.

As Nakuru County moves forward with the recruitment process, the anticipation is high for the positive impact it will have on the Youth Empowerment Centre. The initiative not only signifies a commitment to Governor Susan Kihika’s vision but also reflects the county’s dedication to providing meaningful opportunities and support for the youth, fostering a generation of empowered and skilled individuals poised to contribute to the county’s development.

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