Nakuru County Government Supports Chess Talent Development at Regional Qualifiers

The commitment of the County Government of Nakuru to fostering sports talent was evident as Sports Chief Officer Ms. Stella Mwaura and Director for Sports Ms. Alice Gekonde attended the Nakuru Region Chess Qualifiers tournament at Kabarak University. The county administration affirmed its dedication to supporting both indoor and outdoor games, emphasizing the importance of nurturing talents within the region.

Ms. Stella Mwaura expressed the county’s ongoing support for events like the chess tournament, highlighting the significance of providing platforms for young boys and girls to showcase their talents. The tournament, which featured participants as young as 6 years old, serves as a crucial avenue for talent identification and development at an early age.

Commending the performance displayed during the qualifiers, Ms. Mwaura acknowledged the role of such events in creating opportunities for the youth to engage in sports and recreational activities. The County Government of Nakuru remains committed to facilitating an environment that encourages the growth of various sports disciplines.

Coach Dickson Gitari from the Nakuru Chess Academy extended gratitude to the county for its support, emphasizing the positive impact on the sport, particularly at the grassroots level. The partnership between the county government and sports academies plays a vital role in enhancing the overall landscape of sports development.

In recognition of outstanding performance, Kipepeo School emerged as the best primary school, Naivasha Girls secured the best girls’ school title, Koelel Boys claimed the best boys’ school category, and Nakuru Chess Academy earned recognition as the best chess academy.

The success of the Nakuru Region Chess Qualifiers reflects not only the talent present within the county but also the collaborative efforts between the government, schools, and chess academies. As Nakuru continues to invest in sports development, these initiatives contribute to the holistic growth of young athletes and the overall vibrancy of the sports community in the region.

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