Nakuru County Health Department Reviews Community Health Services Strategy in Quarterly Meeting

Community Health Services Strategy


The Nakuru County Department of Health Services conducted a quarterly meeting with Subcounty Community Health Focal Persons (SCCHFP) and Subcounty Health Records Information Officers (SCHRIO) to assess and enhance the implementation of the County Community Health Services Strategy. The meeting focused on reviewing Subcounty Antenatal Care (ANC) during the first trimester to bolster maternal health in the county.

Emphasizing the crucial role of Community Health Promoters in delivering quality primary healthcare and facilitating service referrals from communities to health facilities, the discussion centred on the continuous review of household registration under the Electronic Community Health Information System (ECHIS). The goal is to ensure accurate data collection and identify areas for improvement in the ongoing efforts of county health promoters.

This collaborative and strategic approach aims to strengthen community health services, aligning with Nakuru County’s commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery and promoting the well-being of its residents.

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