Nakuru County Health Facilities on Track for Operationalization


In a proactive move aimed at ensuring the timely completion and operationalization of health projects, Chief Officer for Medical Services, Dr. John Murima, has embarked on a series of visits to key health facilities across Nakuru County. This week, Dr. Murima conducted assessments at Dundori Health Centre, Githioro Health Centre, and Kiwamu Dispensary in Nakuru North Sub-County to evaluate their readiness for operationalization.

The visits are part of a concerted effort to fulfill Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto promise of prioritizing the operationalization of various health facilities throughout the county. At Dundori Health Centre, significant progress has been made with an allocation of 2.5 million for the construction of a septic tank and an ablution block. This crucial infrastructure will enhance sanitation standards at the facility, ensuring a hygienic environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

In Kiwamu Dispensary, Dr. Murima confirmed that the department is in the procurement process for equipping the new outpatient blocks, with an allocation of 1 million. Furthermore, the facility will be connected to a three-phase electricity supply, guaranteeing uninterrupted service provision and enabling the dispensary to operate efficiently round the clock.

Githioro Health Centre, the largest facility earmarked for operationalization in Bahati Sub-County this financial year, also received a visit from Dr. Murima. Under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika and the proactive approach of the Department of Health, residents of Bahati Sub-County can look forward to the imminent full operationalization of these health facilities. The dedication and hands-on approach demonstrated by the county leadership instill confidence among residents that their health needs will be met effectively and efficiently.

The operationalization of these health facilities will bring a multitude of benefits to the people of Nakuru County. Firstly, improved access to healthcare services will lead to better health outcomes for residents, reducing the burden of preventable illnesses and diseases. Additionally, the upgraded infrastructure and equipment will enhance the quality of care provided, ensuring that patients receive timely and comprehensive medical attention. Overall, the operationalization of these health facilities underscores the county government’s commitment to promoting the well-being and prosperity of its citizens.

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