Nakuru County Invests in Sanitation Upgrade Project

Nakuru County is taking significant strides towards enhancing the quality of life for its residents through a dedicated focus on improved sanitation. Arch. Kamau Kuria, the Chief Officer for Housing and Urban Development, recently led a technical staff team in inspecting the ambitious 2nd phase of the rehabilitation and upgrade of the sewer line in County Estate, Naivasha Sub-county.

The investment of over Sh 5 million in the 2nd phase project underscores the county’s commitment to addressing sanitation challenges. This phase involves the excavation and installation of a 906-meter sewer line, a critical infrastructure upgrade poised to benefit more than 200 households in the area.

Mr. Kamau highlighted the project’s multifaceted significance, particularly in managing blackwater, a longstanding concern impacting the health of residents. The improper disposal of sewage has not only been a health hazard but also a threat to Nakuru’s Blue Waters, particularly Lake Naivasha, where the sewers drain during flash floods. The project aligns seamlessly with H.E Susan Kihika’s commitment to safeguarding Nakuru’s blue economy.

The Chief Officer emphasized that the initiative goes beyond immediate health concerns; it symbolizes a proactive approach to environmental conservation. By upgrading and expanding the sewer infrastructure, Nakuru County aims to mitigate the adverse effects on water bodies, promoting a healthier environment for both residents and the ecosystem.

In a forward-looking move, Mr. Kamau challenged Felix Mwarema, the Technical Manager of Naivawasco, to develop a new design that aligns with Governor Susan Kihika’s ambitious development agenda. This comprehensive plan includes the construction of 4,000 affordable housing units, an international stadium, and a modern slaughterhouse, among other transformative projects.

The synergy between sanitation infrastructure development and broader developmental goals reflects Nakuru County’s holistic approach to community well-being. As the sanitation upgrade project progresses, it becomes a beacon of sustainable urban development, demonstrating the county’s commitment to creating resilient and livable spaces for its growing population.

Nakuru County’s investment in sanitation infrastructure not only addresses immediate challenges but also lays the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable future, embodying a vision where progress and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

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