Nakuru County Invests in Youth and Sports at Grassroot Level

In a display of commitment to nurturing local talents, Nakuru County’s Department of Youth and Sports orchestrated an event today, distributing sports equipment and empowerment items to eight wards in Naivasha Sub-County. The initiative, aimed at boosting grassroots-level talents, unfolded at the Municipal Chamber in Lakeview ward.

The Chief Officer for Youth and Sports, Ms. Stellah Mwaura, took center stage at the event, assuring the youth of the department’s steadfast support for such transformative programs. Her gratitude resonated through the chamber as she acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) in advancing Governor H.E Susan Kihika’s visionary agenda.

The beneficiary wards—Naivasha East, Maiella, Viwandani, Biashara, Hells Gate, Olkaria, Maimahiu, and Lakeview—were bestowed with a diverse array of sports and recreational equipment. From balls, uniforms, and darts arrows to boards, T-shirts, Ballast Mixer, PA System, Generator, 100 Tent Seater, 50 Seater tent, volleyball nets, cones, whistles, tracksuits, and pool tables, the distribution aimed at enriching the local sports infrastructure.

Dignitaries present included Chief Officer for Disaster Management Joyce Ncece, Acting County Director for Sports David Kimani, Kingori Mwangi Sub-county Administrator, Marion Nasiru H.R Sub-county, and various sports officers, ward administrators, Governor’s Coordinators, and representatives from Naivasha East, Maimahiu, Hells Gate, Olkaria (MCAs Office), Jane Gituku (Maiella Ward), Joseph Muraya (MCA Viwandani), and Alex Mbugua (MCA Lakeview).

As these communities embrace this influx of support, the empowering ripple effect is poised to create a vibrant tapestry of aspiring athletes and engaged youth, shaping the future of Nakuru County’s sporting landscape.

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