Nakuru County Launches “Lishe na Mama” School Feeding Program

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The County Government of Nakuru is taking proactive steps to address the nutritional needs of its young learners through the launch of the “Lishe na Mama” school feeding program. In a bid to ensure inclusivity and gather valuable insights from the community, the county has embarked on a series of public participation forums. Today, in Rongai Sub County, stakeholders including parents, MCAs, ECDE teachers, headteachers, officials from the Ministry of Education, public health officers, and nutritionists came together to discuss the implementation of the program.

Leading the exercise was the County Executive Committee Member for Education, Hon. Zipporah Wambui, who emphasized the importance of collective responsibility among stakeholders in ensuring the successful implementation of the program. The initiative is a testament to the commitment of H.E Governor Susan Kihika to fulfill her manifesto promises, particularly in prioritizing the well-being of children in Nakuru County.

The support for the “Lishe na Mama” program was evident among the stakeholders present, with MCAs and other officials pledging their commitment to its success. Recognizing the significant role the program will play in improving the nutrition of young learners, increasing enrollment, retention rates, and enhancing their overall well-being, stakeholders vowed to provide unwavering support and collaboration.

Among the dignitaries present was Dr. Nelson Maara, the CECM for Water, Energy, Environment, and Climate Change, underscoring the multi-sectoral approach taken in addressing nutrition challenges in Nakuru County. Additionally, MCAs from the sub-county, led by County Assembly Majority Leader Hon. Alex Lang’at, and ward administrators joined the forum, demonstrating a unified effort in realizing the objectives of the “Lishe na Mama” program.

Governor Susan Kihika’s commitment to the well-being of Nakuru’s children is evident in the launch of the “Lishe na Mama” school feeding program. By prioritizing nutrition and education, the Governor is not only fulfilling her promises to the children but also laying the foundation for a healthier and more prosperous future for the county. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, Nakuru County is poised to make significant strides in ensuring that every child receives the nutrition they need to thrive academically and beyond.

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