Nakuru County Launches Rescue Mission in Eburru Ward Following Devastating Flooding

In response to a heavy downpour in Ol’jorai village, Eburru Ward, Gilgil sub-county, Governor Susan Kihika dispatched a team from the County Government to initiate a rescue mission. The torrential rainfall caused severe flooding, resulting in tragic consequences, including loss of life, injuries, and extensive property damage.

Led by the Acting County Secretary, Dr. Samuel Mwaura, and County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Roselyn Mungai, the dedicated team commenced rescue operations last night, working collaboratively with area Member of County Assembly (MCA) Hon. Michael Gathanwa. The team mobilized emergency rescue units from both Naivasha and Gilgil Sub-counties to provide immediate assistance to affected residents.

The Nakuru County Disaster Management team took charge of coordinating the humanitarian response, establishing a safety net for those affected by the calamity. By the early morning hours, the rescue mission had successfully evacuated and transferred five individuals to Gilgil Sub-county hospital for medical attention. Tragically, the team also recovered the bodies of seven individuals who lost their lives in the floodwaters.

Governor Susan Kihika expressed deep concern for the affected residents and initiated an action to mitigate the impact of the disaster. The collaborative efforts of the rescue teams, local authorities, and community members underscore the commitment to providing timely assistance in the face of emergencies.

The County Government of Nakuru calls on communities residing in flood-prone areas to take precautionary measures to safeguard lives and property. As part of the ongoing response, the government remains dedicated to providing support, relief, and rehabilitation efforts for those affected by the flooding.

This unfortunate incident emphasizes the importance of proactive disaster management strategies and community awareness to minimize the impact of natural disasters. The County Government’s immediate response reflects its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Nakuru County residents during challenging times.

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