Nakuru County livestock market revitalization

In a move to boost the local livestock industry, the County Government of Nakuru, in collaboration with the Kenya Livestock Commercialization Project (KeLCOP), conducted a public participation session today focusing on the rehabilitation of the Banita Livestock Market. The aim is to elevate the marketing of livestock and related products, enhancing economic prospects for the community.

The public participation event also included an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), a crucial step to predict and understand the potential environmental and social consequences associated with the project. This holistic approach underlines the county’s commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

Edward Gitau, the County Chief Officer for Public Participation and Citizen Engagement, expressed gratitude to the community for actively participating in sharing their views on this developmental initiative. He emphasized that such engagement ensures the community gains a comprehensive understanding of the project, contributing to its sustainability upon completion.

The Banita Livestock Market rehabilitation project encompasses various components, including the establishment of a sales yard featuring an auction ring, provision of water troughs, rehabilitation of pens and loading ramps, and improved water harvesting in the livestock section.

The overarching goal of the project is to increase income for impoverished livestock and pastoralist households while addressing food and nutrition security. The focus extends across multiple value chains, including goat, sheep, apiculture, poultry, and dairy goats. This strategic approach aims to uplift the economic well-being of the community by tapping into diverse facets of the livestock sector.

During the public participation, Soin Ward MCA Hon. Degaulle Naburuki, the KELCOP Coordinator, and Dr. Jane Waititu, among other officials, were present. Their active involvement demonstrates the collaborative effort between local governance and project coordinators, ensuring a unified approach towards realizing the goals of the Banita Livestock Market rehabilitation.

As Nakuru County advances this transformative initiative, the active engagement of the public and stakeholders signals a collective commitment to sustainable development. By fostering an inclusive decision-making process and addressing environmental considerations, the county sets the stage for a revitalized livestock market that not only meets economic needs but also aligns with broader environmental and social sustainability goals.

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