Nakuru County Marks Global Hand Washing Day with Educational Initiatives

Global Hand Washing Day

In collaboration with partners, the Nakuru County government commemorated Global Hand Washing Day at Kisulisuli Primary School in Nakuru East Sub-county. This annual event, observed on the 15th of October, aims to raise awareness about the significance of washing hands with soap to prevent diseases and save lives.

Jacqueline Osoro, the Health Services CECM, emphasized the crucial role of clean hands in preventing the spread of diseases such as diarrhea, Ebola, typhoid, and cholera, promoting better health for all. She called for unity among stakeholders to increase awareness about the importance of hand hygiene and cultivate the habit of handwashing, especially among children, to prevent Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation-related diseases.

The commemorative activities included a tree planting initiative, the distribution of handwashing stations and soap donations to various schools, and a practical handwashing demonstration for pupils and attendees. The event aimed to instill the importance of proper hand hygiene practices, contributing to overall community health and disease prevention. Elizabeth Kiptoo, the Director of Public Health, also participated in the commemoration.

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