Nakuru County Mourns the Loss of Police Officer as Gov. Susan Kihika Sends Condolences

Hon. Joseph Kibore Rutto, the Political Advisor in the Office of the Governor, conveyed the heartfelt condolences of Governor Susan Kihika following the tragic demise of the son to Elder Joseph Rono, Bernard. Bernard, a member of the National Police Service serving in Lamu, passed away, leaving the community in mourning.

Hon. Rutto, representing Governor Kihika, expressed deep sympathy and support to the bereaved family during this difficult time. He shared Governor Kihika’s message of condolences, acknowledging the sacrifices made by Bernard in serving the nation. The loss of a member of the police force is not only felt by the family but reverberates throughout the community, and the county government stands in solidarity with the grieving family.

During the visit, Hon. Rutto reiterated Governor Kihika’s unwavering commitment to the comprehensive development of every corner of Nakuru County. He informed the residents that the “Imarisha Barabara” initiative is currently underway in Kiptagich Ward, a testament to the county’s dedication to improving infrastructure and accessibility for all.

In addition to conveying condolences, Hon. Rutto took the lead in organizing a fundraiser to assist the family with the burial costs. The community, recognizing the importance of supporting one another during times of sorrow, came together to contribute towards giving Bernard a dignified farewell.

The loss of a law enforcement officer is not only a personal tragedy for the family but also a community loss, and Governor Kihika’s representative, Hon. Rutto, emphasized the county’s commitment to standing by the affected family and ensuring that support is extended in every possible way.

As Nakuru County mourns the untimely passing of Bernard, the community reflects on the dedication and sacrifice of those who serve in uniform. The Imarisha Barabara initiative serves as a beacon of progress, symbolizing the county’s resilience and commitment to uplifting all its residents. The collective efforts, both in offering condolences and providing financial support, highlight the unity and solidarity that define Nakuru County during moments of grief.

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