Nakuru County partners with 3F to boost capacity building and welfare of its people


Deputy Governor H.E David Kones recently welcomed esteemed officials from The United Federation of Workers (3F) Regional Coordinator and Representative, Bjørn Haar, and David Mwaura to Nakuru County. The purpose of their visit was to engage with the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers’ Union officials, aiming to enhance the capacity and welfare of union members through strategic collaborations and training initiatives.

During the discussions, various strategies were explored to bolster capacity building across different sectors within Nakuru County. One of the key areas of focus was the Vocational Training Center (VTC), where plans were made to conduct training sessions for trainers and upgrade facilities to enhance skills development. Additionally, efforts were directed towards advancing Water Companies’ capabilities in Water Waste Management through targeted capacity-building initiatives.

Accompanied by Chief Officers Newton Mwaura (Agriculture) and Alex Maina (Sports), Deputy Governor Kones emphasized the importance of consolidating efforts across various sectors. A follow-up meeting was proposed to effectively harness the expertise offered by 3F and to streamline collaboration efforts for maximum impact.

Originating from Denmark, The United Federation of Workers (3F) holds the distinction of being Denmark’s largest and strongest trade union federation. With regional offices spanning across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 3F provides direct support and advisory services to numerous organizations worldwide.

The partnership between Nakuru County and 3F holds immense benefits for the residents. Through capacity-building initiatives, the county stands to witness significant improvements in various sectors, including agriculture, vocational training, sports, and water management. By enhancing the skills and capabilities of union members and professionals, the partnership aims to foster socio-economic development, empower communities, and improve overall welfare in Nakuru County.

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