Nakuru County Prioritizes Quality Food through Innovative Measures

Discussing healthier foods


The County Government of Nakuru is taking significant strides to ensure that residents have access to quality and clean food, thereby enhancing the market accessibility for smallholder farmers. This commitment to improving food quality involves the implementation of various measures aimed at sustainable agricultural practices.

One of the key initiatives is the training of farmers in the use of bio inputs and alternative methods for managing pests and diseases. By equipping farmers with knowledge about organic and sustainable farming practices, the county aims to promote healthier crops and ensure the production of safe and high-quality food.

A crucial aspect of this strategy involves the training of plant doctors and Spray Service Providers. These trained professionals play a pivotal role in assisting farmers with the proper application of pesticides on crops, ensuring that the methods employed are effective, environmentally friendly, and contribute to the production of safe and nutritious food.

A Co-designing Workshop, organized by Biovision Africa Trust’s Farmer Communication Programme, provided a platform for stakeholders to develop a plan. This plan will guide the extension services offered in the county, emphasizing the promotion of organic farming practices. The workshop fostered collaboration among government institutions, NGOs, farmers, practitioners, private entities, and other stakeholders, showcasing a collective effort to advance sustainable agriculture and improve food quality in Nakuru County.

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