Nakuru County Secretary Urges Swift Completion of Key Projects to Boost Agricultural Value Chains

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Nakuru County Secretary, Dr. Samuel Mwaura, has called on County Executive Committee Members (CECs) and Chief Officers to expedite the completion of various ongoing projects. This rallying cry was made during a sensitization meeting focused on the implementation of the National Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (NAVCDP). The NAVCDP is a Community-Driven Development Project aimed at enhancing market participation and value addition for small-scale farmers.

Dr. Mwaura emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure that projects and programs are executed correctly and efficiently. “We need to work together to ensure the projects and programs are implemented the right way,” he stated, highlighting the critical need for coordinated action among county officials to achieve the project’s objectives.

The NAVCDP seeks to significantly impact Nakuru County’s agricultural sector by increasing market participation and adding value for targeted small-scale farmers. It aims to deepen investments in productivity enhancement, community-led farmer extension, water management, and data-driven value chain services. These efforts are expected to transform the agricultural landscape by introducing intensified investments into select value chains, scaling up value addition, and creating market linkages with agribusiness off-takers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

One of the key components of the NAVCDP is to support farmer-led irrigation development (FLID). This initiative will empower farmers to manage their irrigation systems, thereby improving water use efficiency and boosting agricultural productivity. Enhanced water management is crucial for Nakuru County, which faces periodic droughts and water shortages that impact farming activities.

Moreover, the project will facilitate increased access to credit for farmers. Access to financial resources is a major challenge for small-scale farmers, who often struggle to secure funding for inputs, equipment, and other essential resources. By improving credit access, the NAVCDP aims to enable farmers to invest in their farms, adopt modern farming techniques, and increase their productivity and profitability.

The sensitization meeting also underscored the need for data-driven value chain services. Utilizing data and technology to drive agricultural practices can lead to more informed decision-making, better resource allocation, and improved outcomes for farmers. By leveraging data, the project will help farmers optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase yields.

In his address, Dr. Mwaura praised the initiative for its comprehensive approach to agricultural development. He noted that by enhancing market participation and value addition, the NAVCDP will not only improve the livelihoods of farmers but also contribute to the overall economic development of Nakuru County.

The project is expected to have far-reaching benefits, including the creation of employment opportunities, improved food security, and the stimulation of local economies. By focusing on value addition and market linkages, the NAVCDP aims to ensure that farmers receive fair prices for their produce and can compete effectively in both local and international markets.

The meeting was attended by various stakeholders, including CECs, Chief Officers, and representatives from the agricultural sector. The collaborative spirit emphasized by Dr. Mwaura is seen as essential for the successful implementation of the NAVCDP and other county projects.

As Nakuru County moves forward with this initiative, the commitment to swift and effective project completion is expected to drive significant advancements in the agricultural sector, ultimately benefiting the entire community

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