Nakuru County Secures Kshs 500 Million for Water and Sanitation Projects

Water and Sanitation Projects

The Nakuru County Government, under the leadership of Dr. Nelson Maara, signed a funding agreement with the Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF) for the Conditional Liquidity Support Grant (CLSG) project. This initiative, part of the CLSGS 2 Program, aims to provide Kshs 2.2 billion in funding to 29 water service providers across 16 counties.

Nakuru County is set to receive Kshs 500 million from this program, representing a quarter of the total fund. The grant is directed towards enhancing water and sanitation facilities in the county, with NARUWASCO, NAWASSCO, and NAIVAWASCO being the key entities overseeing its implementation. This funding aligns with Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto, emphasizing the county’s commitment to improving water and sanitation services for its residents.

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